4 Dec 2011

Anyone For Soccer?

For me this is the lovely game in a nut-shell.

22 Nov 2011

Benton Is Free!!!

WATCH WATCH WATCH!! One man and his dog have just made me wet myself...

And to take it one step sillier, watch this nice use of the audio...

Or this final baby which made me finally laugh out a little bit of snot...

I love the internet!!!! FENTONNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!

11 Nov 2011

Back In The Saddle

For those of you who have been bemoaning the quality of my posts, saying I've "sold out to the man" and lost the true essence of the gallery, to those people I give you...

10 Nov 2011

4 Nov 2011

Nobody Cares, Ken...

A purely self-indulgent clip now, as although many may know old terry wogan, not that many will know he used to have a marvellous breakfast show here on sleepy BBC Radio 2. And even less may be aware that his "hand-over" to the next morning DJ was to ken bruce, and their little "tete-a-tete"s were delightfully mundane and pointless. Aaanyway, here are two funny comedians pretending to be them. (I love this and can't stop playing it!!!)

Ah, nobody cares, Ken.

29 Oct 2011

The Internets Legacy

For those who haven't dredged back through my posts and found this guy, then hey, you're in for a treat!! Two words will open up a door to a whole new world of wonder to you... Tourettes Karaoke. Oh yes. Don't worry, the guy doing it finds doing it funny too, and I think even theraputic. So it's okay to wet yourself laughing, because trust me, you will! This time round he's singing the chris de burgh classic, "lady in red", and my oh my it's a lovely rendition!

Favourite line has to be "dancing ARSE cheek to cheek". Pure class!
Check out youtube, he's made plenty more! Spandau Ballet's "Gold" is the best I think, he really goes for it with the head-slapping!! (Click HERE to go see it). P.S. Visit his brilliant website HERE.

9 Oct 2011

Ticket Butts...

Here is how to get out of a sticky situation when all you have is a bus ticket for toilet paper, ...and you have to "GO" in a hurry!

Either that, or you could just stop shitting on the bus...

13 Sep 2011

Bit of an unusual break in The Comedy Collection now, as I insert a tv show!
For those not up on important history, there was once a tv show in the U.K. called Not The Nine O'Clock News. It was a semi-topical sketch show which ran from 1979 to 1982, and launched the careers of a fair few comedy stars, mainly Rowan Atkinson, and Smith & Jones. Initially it was created as a vehicle for Rowan, the then promising newbie from the Oxford revue mould. Point was, it was fantastic, and still quoted as a significant pivotal point in the evolution of comedy. Don't worry, Rowan Atkinson will one day go in The Comedy Collection to stand alone, maybe for me occupying the top slot! Enough of my yakkin', here's a few examples of it's punch...

You've absolutely no idea how many times I've watched these sketches!
I highly recommend you all go hunting on youtube, there's shitloads more to enjoy!!

10 Sep 2011

Honourin' Carlin

You'd be amazed at the amount of youtube comments for this that said "R.I.P. George".
Obviously didn't really grasp George's philosophy on religion and all that!

Damned Gravity...

7 Sep 2011

Meet Joe Wilkinson...

Please press play, and please laugh as, this is lovely comedy...

When someone now asks you "who makes you laugh then?", I'm confident that Joe will now be added to your list! Please tell me if I'm wrong!

6 Sep 2011

Last Meals On Death Row

London photographer James Reynolds documented the final meals of former death row inmates. Cheerful, eh. The prison trays are replicas of those used in maximum security prisons.
"I saw a small list of what a few death row prisoners had chosen for their last meals before their deaths and I wondered what they would look like as a visual image. After all, these meals would be one of the last things these prisoners see before they die. At first I just wanted to see what these meals looked like on the iconic prison tray. I wanted to get the viewer to think, or have an opinion.‘I’d like to think that the photographs make the viewer think, what thought that is, I am not sure, as I myself had more thoughts the more I looked at them. What would my last meal be? What kind of people were these prisoners? Why did they choose that particular meal? What crime did they commit?"

‘The single olive still had its stone. The inmate thought that after being executed and buried, an olive tree—a symbol of peace—would grow from him. It was indeed a very profound thought or idea, but an olive tree has not yet been found on his grave.’
Shame that the stone of a processed black olive will never germinate. It has been boiled and packed in brine. It is a dead as the prisoner. Someone should've told him really...

P.S. Thanks to howtobearetronaut, I totally plagiarised your post!

A Disgrace To The Human Species

Sniff up a quick line of Richie! It's the good shit!

4 Sep 2011

No-Loos Lautrec

Here is a photograph of Toulouse-Lautrec shitting on a beach...

Yes, you did just see that. In 1898, Parisian art gallery owner Maurice Joyant photographed his childhood friend Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec defecating on the beach at Le Crotoy, Picardie. A year later Toulouse-Lautrec was committed to an asylum, in 1901 he died from complications caused by alcoholism and syphilis.

Little turd.

3 Sep 2011

It's been a while since I could be bothered to whitter on about who makes me laugh the most, I know. Sorry, if you've been waiting! Anyway, this time it is the turn of... Tim Vine. Now many people I know will groan at this particular selection, but tough-titty because I love him!!
Not too much back-story to Tim, born 1967 in Cheam, Surrey, England, (Cheam, the legendary home of Tony Hancock, more of him another time!), started doing stand-up as a young man, and hit The Edinburgh Fringe in 1995 and won the newcomer perrier award. His shows are an unceasing wash of puns and silliness, the following is one of my favourite bits of fun ever...

Anyone now picking a pen up from the floor? Hmm? I bet you are! If this left anyone wanting more, then click HERE to see hockey-stick behind the ear! He's done lots of tv shows, from naff game shows, (Whittle), to sketch shows, (The Sketch Show), to a very funny sit-com, (Not Going Out). But he's at his best on stage, he reminds me a lot of one of my first heros, Tommy Cooper.

Paper Boy

30 Aug 2011

Not A Sausage

Well, a deafening silence from the gallery viewers! Not a single comment! Either no-one gives a shit, or everyone is too embarrassed to admit watching. Or both! Can i say a warm thank you to everyone for your resounding indifference. At least I know how this relationship works!
Normal service will be resumed shortly.

21 Aug 2011

The Origin Of The Brain

Found this and was dying to share. And then I watched it! See the image of Beaker that appears at the beginning? I guarantee that after watching all of this clip, your expression will be the same!

I managed 4 minutes of this before my little brain exploded. So apparantly, we're all from bacteria? This guy must've met my relatives. (Obvious gag, sorry people!) You will all be pleased to hear too, that there a series of these videos! Yippety-yay!!

FaceBook Review

In an alternate universe, I joined facebook...

Yeah, think I'll still pass on joining, thnx.

17 Aug 2011

Meet Micho Russell...

I can hardly understand a word this chap says, but his music doesn't half speak...

14 Aug 2011

31 Jul 2011

Circle The Cat

Here's a game to kill your brain. Click on the circles to encircle the cat. That's it. Please don't blame me if you end up playing this all day! (I did!) Click on HERE to play!!

Oh Joy!

30 Jul 2011

Border TV News

Sometimes when I'm rotten drunk, my cloudy memory clears and I get flash-backs. Normally most of them are rather horrific, which is why my mind has blanked them out in the first place. But occasionally, just occasioally, my little brain remembers a nugget of gold! Now when I say the name Robbie Coltrane", most of you will probably just be thinking of Hagrid, or Cracker. But for me, Robbie is one our finest comedy actors this country has produced, first making a huge impact on "The Comic Strip Presents" (click HERE to watch them ALL, maybe U.K. only, sorry!). Aside from many other projects, there was a video of sketches I remember having that used to make me wet myself on a regular basis. And I found one on good old youtube!!!!!!! But hey, enough of my yakkin'!! (I've probably already killed the mood)

 Did we really wear those shirts?!

28 Jul 2011

26 Jul 2011

Not Just Another Brick In The Wall

Kinda Inception meets Blairwitch...

Actually, I've found scarier things down the pub, mostly in the urinals, but I'll save those stories for another day. "Always leave them wanting more!!"

24 Jul 2011

Competition Tinme...

Can you spot the I.T. guy...?

A Quantum Of Physics

Found this on my drunk wanderings. Can't remember why I'm sharing it, but there you go, I'm a fascinating melting pot of ideas, I'm an enigma, sometimes silly, sometimes deep.

Ooh, click on through and there's a video titled "Dry ice farts when you cut it". Someimes deep...

22 Jul 2011

21 Jul 2011

Meet Clegg...

Fuck Bergerac, I'm watching Clegg from now on!! (Not Nick Clegg, sadly!)

Thanks go to moundsandcircles for the clip!

The Lowercase a-Team

Ah the internet, how much do I love thee? Let me count the ways!
Now, first off I found this charming little picture a year or two ago...

Lovely stuff, I think you'll agree! But it doesn't end there! Today, I found the bloody trailer! It looks like this half-pint team actually made the freakin' movie!!

I really hope this clip works on the site, as I've deleted some of the waffle off the code! Suckers!

16 Jul 2011

Sometimes Mildly Obscene

Ah the confessions of a librarian! What a story that would be! Well, for starters, someone has been vandalising the books and putting slightly different images on the covers. Ooh, cheeky!

It's a rip-roaring world in there, aint it! Sheesh.
P.S. This clip was shamefully pilfered from a slightly new and slightly odd little blog I like, MoundsAndCircles. Pop along and expand! (Not like that, you dirty boy!)

Meet Tex...

Can't be arsed to figure out his second name. It's just a gimp with a gun. And, oh dear, he shoots himself. Sorry, spoiler alert! Enjoy Tex "discharging his load" in his pants, we've all been there...

Just a shame he doesn't keep his gun in his hat.

12 Jul 2011

Is That An Oomphalapompatronium In Your Pocket...?

So what's in your shed? Is it an old man in a beard waiting to squeeze your horn? Of course it is!

P.S. Is this meant to be sexy? Cos it took me forever to "empty my reservoir" to this video...
Wish he was your doctor...?

11 Jul 2011

What A Knobhead

My favourite clip of Karl, just being Karl!

BTW, there will be a second series of An Idiot Abroad, he's currently filming it at the moment. It's gonna be kinda themed around "things to do before you die", and here's a clip of a slightly unhappy Karl trying to "swim with dolphins"...

21 Jun 2011

Urban Report: Fellow From The Ghetto

A young Trevor Mcdonald in on of his first location reports...

Put A Ring On It

Some footage now from NASA's Cassini space probe mission to Saturn set to the hauntingly beautiful “Ghosts” by Nine Inch Nails. Trust me, this is good...

(What was more breath-taking, the footage or the fact that we enjoyed a Nine Inch Nail track!!)

19 Jun 2011

For The Dad's...

The best advice I can add is from Jim Jefferies... "Try not to be a cunt".

The Four Bottles Of Life...


Happy Father's Day!

To all those fellow suffering dad's out there, here's to you! Hope you're doing something as lovely as this guy is, on our one little day!! Raaarr!!!!

10 Jun 2011

YouTube Comments

I love Adam buxton, (used to hate him but that's a long story!), I love youtube, and I love the copious amounts of frothy lager in my belly right now. So that said, here's tonights post!

Happy Families

Is it wrong to love this picture?

29 May 2011

Withnail & R2

Ah the perfect student mash-up! When an out-of-work droid finds himself far from his natural habitat of Camden, thrown deep into a galaxy far far away, it does nothing to dampen his quest for cake, tea and the finest wines available to humanity...

"Of course he's the fucking farmer!"
If you fancy the next installment, with Danny as Yoda and his camberwell carrot, then click HERE.

23 May 2011


Yes, I'm sad, but I've found another cool lamp! And yes, as always, there's bad news... it's 130 Euros. If you're crazy and rich, then go buy it HERE! (Buy me one too!)

17 May 2011

Why Do Birds Sing?

Now an absolutely lovely rendition of a Carpenter's classic from Welsh TV...

I almost wet myself every time I watch this, (and get very very strange looks off the missus in the process). Click through to youtube to find more silliness from the hilarious John Sparkes.

14 May 2011

I Whip My Head Back And Forth

Bit of Russian talent now, nothin I'm sure to do with their nuclear spillages in the past.
I did this once as well, whilst watching Chris Tarrant on TV. I couldn't find the remote.


12 May 2011

Canine Capers

Another silly clip! Comes courtesy of our horror friend Dr Cyclops.
(Don't worry, the dog don't get torn up or anything nasty!)

The comments are just as silly too, quite a little row starts all because of this one someone put:

10 May 2011

It's Festival Time

Yes yes, it's time to get on your wellies and get dancing in that muddy field!
No thanks. Did it once, and even wore only a bloody bandana on my head with bovva boots and ripped black jeans, flashing my skinny bits to Rolf Harris and Jamiroqui. Nice.
Anyway, here's a marvellous song about why it's a good idea to stay away from the whole affair.

I love this song! It almost made it onto my Desert Island Discs! In fact this clip made me stop hating Adam & Joe, I love 'em now. Check out their BBC 6Music podcast on itunes, it's a belter.

6 May 2011

Twat Of The Week

I had a fantastic image of a sexually repressed deviant posing in ill-fitting, ill-fashioned clothes lined up for today, but I just came across this video of quite a bigger twat indeed. Watch this coke-fuelled rant and tell me you don't want to punch him in the face...

How can anyone talk so much without saying a single iota of value is beyond me.
What a twat.

3 May 2011

I Wanna Wal*Mart!!

Just found one of the most addictive websites going! Oh, quite a claim, I know.
Click on PEOPLE OF WALMART to giggle at the over-weight, over-dosed, and over-dressed patrons of America's finest supermarket! I really need to stop looking, mm, maybe...

1 May 2011

Just Did It.

Shopping For Time!

Seen a really cool clock...

It's available in about eight colours and also available in german, english, french, italian, dutch, russian, danish, swedish, arabic, swiss german and spanish. Mama mia!!
Buy it from HERE. Oh by the way, it's £885. Did I mention that?
Nevermind, I was pissed off too.

Hardcore Parkour

Is it silly? Yes! Is it funny? Yes! Then stick it on!
Can't help thinking I wanna be in this little clip too...

30 Apr 2011

Twat Of The Week

Better late than never, here is a special Easter Twat Hunt. Happy hunting kids!

Poor bunny doesn't look happy at all does he?!

29 Apr 2011

World Peas

As John once said... give peas a chance.

What Did You Eat Today?

Haitians are having to feeding their children dirt cookies to survive. DIRT cookies.
That is fucked up.

Seriously fucked up.