27 Feb 2011

Karaoke For The Deaf - Revisited

Bit of David Armand doing his thing again, I love this guy...

Surely there's no finer way to listen to Phil Collins. Click HERE to see him do some more.

26 Feb 2011

Meet... Reverend Eldon

Bloody marvellous! Click HERE for a little interview about his recent Edinburgh show.

25 Feb 2011

New Yorke New Yorke - Uncut

Just found this new footage of the Yorkester in his recent video, only this time minus the music...(Be warned though, it may well ruin the original for you!)

Ironically, I wet myself watching this.

24 Feb 2011

Meet Francis...

Time to be mean again! Francis is a tiny bit upset about some computer game or something.
And he's fat. And he's got a lisp. All the pre-requisits are there!
Oh, and he's got a Princess Leia poster.

19 Feb 2011

New Yorke New Yorke!!

Yes, Radiohead are back with a new studio album, "The King Of Limbs".
(Just a heads-up in case you didn't know).
And here is Tom a-moving and a-shaking in one of his new videos...


I haven't danced like that since my hernia ruptured in 2004.

Twat Of The Week

It's "Spot The Twat" competition time!

Actually it turns out they're all twats, ironic or not.
They're ironic twats. All of them.

18 Feb 2011

The Undertaker Is Coming...

A cracker of a short project from THE ANIMATION WORKSHOP. Anyone with a passing interest in animation or photography could do worse than to pop along and pay them a visit.

17 Feb 2011

It's What He Would've Wanted

How one man will be forever remembered...
(Yes, he is dead, and yes that is a funeral parlour!)(But no, they didn't bury him at sea, sadly) 

Just in case you were in any doubt as to his hobby, there is a lovely little photograph mounted behind him. Nice touch.

16 Feb 2011

How Do You Eat Yours??

Hungry anyone? Fancy the crust of my loaf?

How rude... she didn't bring enough for everyone!

15 Feb 2011

Half Man Half Biscuit

Bloody marvellous bit of youtube nonsense now, a man trying to wriggle a biscuit from his forehead to to mouth, without dropping it!

Hands up who is now going to the cupboard for a biscuit!
You should see the follow-up clip though, involving a finger of fudge. Ouch.

14 Feb 2011

What Are You Looking For?

If it's the face of jesus, then I'm sorry you're wrong.
What you should be correctly looking for is the butter.

Where In The World?

Came across this little lesson on the question "Where do I live?!"

Nice to have cleared that up!

13 Feb 2011

Big Brother Will Get Back To You...

Galileo once said "The Bible shows the way to go to heaven, not the way the heavens go."
Here is a quick sermon from Professor Hitchens.

The quality of his content should hopefully make up for the quality of the video footage.

11 Feb 2011

Open Your Hymn Books Now Please...


The Crystal Maze

This was a show in the early 90's that completely infuriated me, and I just had to watch it! It was a load of middle-class sporty office-workers, or "tossers" as I like to call them, trying to solve games in rooms to win crystals, which each won you time in "The Dome". Up until this point in my life I had never screamed at the TV, and by-jingo, I made up for my years of silence on this programme! The following clip is the outtakes, the audio isn't great but you can hear the back-room technicians, well mainly the director, shouting at their monitors too!

I have never seen such a bunch of morons! Love it!

10 Feb 2011

The Power Of The Moustache

Oh how I wish I had a hairier top lip. It can help you achieve all your wildest dreams.

And all of your nightmares.

Slight Chance Of Showers

You can always count on a bit of professionalism at the BBC. Can't you?
All I know is, this clip wouldn't have happened in Michael Fish's day...

Whoops! Bit of the old banter at work? Or Someone caught letting his colleague know exactly what he thinks of him?? I know exactly how he feels to be honest.
Well, after the newsreaders sarcastic comments at the beginning, I'm surprised the weatherman didn't give him the whole fist!

9 Feb 2011

Anyone Up For A Game Of Strip-Twister?

I know I know, I should not find this funny.  And I am going to Hell.
But hey, in my defense... he's a winner!!!!

A Tremor In The Force

This, is a no-nonsense clip of nonsense. (That doesn't make sense).
Hands up who remembers Star Wars? Hands up who remembers all the farting that went on?

Yes I know this is a completely childish clip, that's why I like it!

6 Feb 2011

Bad Boy Dirty Boy!

What a smoothie! A vomit-smoothie!!

Pretty sure we've all been here, yes?
The other classic is drinking from a can of beer that everyone has used as an ashtray!
(To be honest, I've done much worse, but it's probably best if I don't mention it here)
Bless this dude though, ay. Looks like he was still gonna pull a bird at the end though!

4 Feb 2011

Bit Of Current Affairs

As tension rises in Cairo, street protesters are finding increasingly necessary to get ready for the inevitable conflicts with the authorities.
And then there are these blokes, who did well to put their trousers on properly...

I know it's all too easy to mock from afar, but I like to think I'd at least do a bit better than some sandwich wrap and a couple of bread rolls! I mean he didn't even bother to make a pair of safety goggles with two doughnuts. Dear me...

Playing With The Children

I've got the kids all today! Is it still called babysitting if they're your own?
Anyway, I've picked out the perfect DVD for us all to watch... 

I used to bloody love this show as a child! And having found this clip, I love it even more now!!
Apparantly this was a little episode the cast and crew made for a laugh, but was never meant to be actually transmitted. Shame!

Here is the gourmet dinner I prepared for my little terrors...

Nothing but the best! Suppose looking back they could have had some of the lovely carbonara I had myself, there was loads left. Never mind. Looking back life is always full of regrets.
I tell you what though, after watching that DVD I regret not fashioning their food into more of a phallic picture. They could've got two cock and balls each out of that lot. With ginger pubes.

Dive Dive Dive!

This is a classic, probably everybody has seen this, (their view counter is currently on 7.9 million!), but just in case, I'm whacking it here. It literally takes ones breath away this...

I'd totally forgotten about this clip, but today my youngest son has got the worst case of the shits and... I've had to hold my breath so many times whilst I change his nappy, I reckon I could bloody do this free-diving stuff, no problem.

2 Feb 2011

I've Been Out!

Oh yes, I have been out, been out to see this particular individual, a Mr Daniel Kitson. Here is one clip of him from an all too sparse collection on the internet. Yes it's a bad quality clip, and yes it's an old clip, but his brilliance is still visible...

Anyone who knows him will be jealous, and anyone who doesn't will be totally non-plussed.
Go a-hunting on youtube or other sites to get some more morsels of his scatterings, I urge you. Anyway, I feel all warm because I just seen a marvellous thing. (And very drunk, which helps)