16 Jul 2011

Sometimes Mildly Obscene

Ah the confessions of a librarian! What a story that would be! Well, for starters, someone has been vandalising the books and putting slightly different images on the covers. Ooh, cheeky!

It's a rip-roaring world in there, aint it! Sheesh.
P.S. This clip was shamefully pilfered from a slightly new and slightly odd little blog I like, MoundsAndCircles. Pop along and expand! (Not like that, you dirty boy!)


  1. that was well funny!!

  2. Anyone else think this fella maybe went onto splicing human faces ?

  3. Maybe just the one. Seems like someone was out to mess with this librarians head. Serves him right for wearing a twatty red shirt and twatty bow-tie, if you ask me.