3 Sep 2011

It's been a while since I could be bothered to whitter on about who makes me laugh the most, I know. Sorry, if you've been waiting! Anyway, this time it is the turn of... Tim Vine. Now many people I know will groan at this particular selection, but tough-titty because I love him!!
Not too much back-story to Tim, born 1967 in Cheam, Surrey, England, (Cheam, the legendary home of Tony Hancock, more of him another time!), started doing stand-up as a young man, and hit The Edinburgh Fringe in 1995 and won the newcomer perrier award. His shows are an unceasing wash of puns and silliness, the following is one of my favourite bits of fun ever...

Anyone now picking a pen up from the floor? Hmm? I bet you are! If this left anyone wanting more, then click HERE to see hockey-stick behind the ear! He's done lots of tv shows, from naff game shows, (Whittle), to sketch shows, (The Sketch Show), to a very funny sit-com, (Not Going Out). But he's at his best on stage, he reminds me a lot of one of my first heros, Tommy Cooper.

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