21 Jun 2011

Urban Report: Fellow From The Ghetto

A young Trevor Mcdonald in on of his first location reports...

Put A Ring On It

Some footage now from NASA's Cassini space probe mission to Saturn set to the hauntingly beautiful “Ghosts” by Nine Inch Nails. Trust me, this is good...

(What was more breath-taking, the footage or the fact that we enjoyed a Nine Inch Nail track!!)

19 Jun 2011

For The Dad's...

The best advice I can add is from Jim Jefferies... "Try not to be a cunt".

The Four Bottles Of Life...


Happy Father's Day!

To all those fellow suffering dad's out there, here's to you! Hope you're doing something as lovely as this guy is, on our one little day!! Raaarr!!!!

10 Jun 2011

YouTube Comments

I love Adam buxton, (used to hate him but that's a long story!), I love youtube, and I love the copious amounts of frothy lager in my belly right now. So that said, here's tonights post!

Happy Families

Is it wrong to love this picture?