31 Jul 2011

Circle The Cat

Here's a game to kill your brain. Click on the circles to encircle the cat. That's it. Please don't blame me if you end up playing this all day! (I did!) Click on HERE to play!!

Oh Joy!

30 Jul 2011

Border TV News

Sometimes when I'm rotten drunk, my cloudy memory clears and I get flash-backs. Normally most of them are rather horrific, which is why my mind has blanked them out in the first place. But occasionally, just occasioally, my little brain remembers a nugget of gold! Now when I say the name Robbie Coltrane", most of you will probably just be thinking of Hagrid, or Cracker. But for me, Robbie is one our finest comedy actors this country has produced, first making a huge impact on "The Comic Strip Presents" (click HERE to watch them ALL, maybe U.K. only, sorry!). Aside from many other projects, there was a video of sketches I remember having that used to make me wet myself on a regular basis. And I found one on good old youtube!!!!!!! But hey, enough of my yakkin'!! (I've probably already killed the mood)

 Did we really wear those shirts?!

28 Jul 2011

26 Jul 2011

Not Just Another Brick In The Wall

Kinda Inception meets Blairwitch...

Actually, I've found scarier things down the pub, mostly in the urinals, but I'll save those stories for another day. "Always leave them wanting more!!"

24 Jul 2011

Competition Tinme...

Can you spot the I.T. guy...?

A Quantum Of Physics

Found this on my drunk wanderings. Can't remember why I'm sharing it, but there you go, I'm a fascinating melting pot of ideas, I'm an enigma, sometimes silly, sometimes deep.

Ooh, click on through and there's a video titled "Dry ice farts when you cut it". Someimes deep...

22 Jul 2011

21 Jul 2011

Meet Clegg...

Fuck Bergerac, I'm watching Clegg from now on!! (Not Nick Clegg, sadly!)

Thanks go to moundsandcircles for the clip!

The Lowercase a-Team

Ah the internet, how much do I love thee? Let me count the ways!
Now, first off I found this charming little picture a year or two ago...

Lovely stuff, I think you'll agree! But it doesn't end there! Today, I found the bloody trailer! It looks like this half-pint team actually made the freakin' movie!!

I really hope this clip works on the site, as I've deleted some of the waffle off the code! Suckers!

16 Jul 2011

Sometimes Mildly Obscene

Ah the confessions of a librarian! What a story that would be! Well, for starters, someone has been vandalising the books and putting slightly different images on the covers. Ooh, cheeky!

It's a rip-roaring world in there, aint it! Sheesh.
P.S. This clip was shamefully pilfered from a slightly new and slightly odd little blog I like, MoundsAndCircles. Pop along and expand! (Not like that, you dirty boy!)

Meet Tex...

Can't be arsed to figure out his second name. It's just a gimp with a gun. And, oh dear, he shoots himself. Sorry, spoiler alert! Enjoy Tex "discharging his load" in his pants, we've all been there...

Just a shame he doesn't keep his gun in his hat.

12 Jul 2011

Is That An Oomphalapompatronium In Your Pocket...?

So what's in your shed? Is it an old man in a beard waiting to squeeze your horn? Of course it is!

P.S. Is this meant to be sexy? Cos it took me forever to "empty my reservoir" to this video...
Wish he was your doctor...?

11 Jul 2011

What A Knobhead

My favourite clip of Karl, just being Karl!

BTW, there will be a second series of An Idiot Abroad, he's currently filming it at the moment. It's gonna be kinda themed around "things to do before you die", and here's a clip of a slightly unhappy Karl trying to "swim with dolphins"...