28 Jun 2012

A Banana In A Hat - Part II

For those who have been waiting, wait no more! The second epic in this series is finally here...

Part I HERE.

I Can't Reach My Balls Anymore

I could watch this for hours.

New Dinosaur Species Discovered!

Yes it was me! So call it a mark-osaurus! I found the specimen in a local budget store, treating my youngest son to a quality toy. £1.99 aint too much for my kids. Just about. Anyway, the label clearly says Natureworld, and the little fellah certainly always embraces a new creature, his bedroom is veritably full of sea creatures and dinosaurs...

So naturally he loves his new addition to his kiddies zoo. I'm just slightly at a loss as to explain what page in his dinosaur encyclopedia to turn to. Can anyone help us identify this particular specimen, as my edition seems to clearly miss a page or two...

26 Jun 2012


Most of the time, people make the strangest of correlations, usually it's newspaper journalists desparate for a headline. MMR vaccine scares to name but one. But sometimes, somebody makes one that is sheer brilliance! It's now painfully clear that christian bale is kermit. Go see the whole evidence of pictures HERE.

6 Jun 2012

R.I.P. Ray Bradbury

Today is a sad day. The world has lost a wonderful man.

This one's for you sir... CLICK