4 Feb 2011

Playing With The Children

I've got the kids all today! Is it still called babysitting if they're your own?
Anyway, I've picked out the perfect DVD for us all to watch... 

I used to bloody love this show as a child! And having found this clip, I love it even more now!!
Apparantly this was a little episode the cast and crew made for a laugh, but was never meant to be actually transmitted. Shame!

Here is the gourmet dinner I prepared for my little terrors...

Nothing but the best! Suppose looking back they could have had some of the lovely carbonara I had myself, there was loads left. Never mind. Looking back life is always full of regrets.
I tell you what though, after watching that DVD I regret not fashioning their food into more of a phallic picture. They could've got two cock and balls each out of that lot. With ginger pubes.


  1. My God, you're even anal about how you lay out the kids food.
    Hate to draw your attention to it, now it's too late, but those spaghetti hoops are not perfectly asymmetrical you know.


  2. Scratch that, I mean they are asymmetrical. Not symmetrical. D'oh!