29 Oct 2011

The Internets Legacy

For those who haven't dredged back through my posts and found this guy, then hey, you're in for a treat!! Two words will open up a door to a whole new world of wonder to you... Tourettes Karaoke. Oh yes. Don't worry, the guy doing it finds doing it funny too, and I think even theraputic. So it's okay to wet yourself laughing, because trust me, you will! This time round he's singing the chris de burgh classic, "lady in red", and my oh my it's a lovely rendition!

Favourite line has to be "dancing ARSE cheek to cheek". Pure class!
Check out youtube, he's made plenty more! Spandau Ballet's "Gold" is the best I think, he really goes for it with the head-slapping!! (Click HERE to go see it). P.S. Visit his brilliant website HERE.

9 Oct 2011

Ticket Butts...

Here is how to get out of a sticky situation when all you have is a bus ticket for toilet paper, ...and you have to "GO" in a hurry!

Either that, or you could just stop shitting on the bus...