22 Apr 2011

It's Lecture Time!

Here's an interesting lecture on the science of morality. No don't skip on to the next post about poo or something, stay here!! It's a TED lecture, they have people talk about all kinds of cool and interesting ideas. Click on TED to visit their site and see the full list. This one is by Sam Harris, a neuroscientist and religious critic, talking about the question of morality outside the world of religion and inside the world of science and reason. Trust me, it's interesting...

Just been trawling through all the TEDTalks, (there's 926 of them!), and picked out the ones which I found interesting for ya! The following one is A MUST, really gets you thinking... It's sociologist Sam Richards talking about empathy...

Here are some more talks you may enjoy...
james randi takedown of psychic fraud,  clear as ever,
michael shermer on believing strange things, a fun debunker,
beau lotto optical illusions, shows how we are all flawed,
richard dawkins on our queer universe, simply the guv'nor,
dan dennett's response to rick warren, a jolly philosopher!
I know probably none of you will watch all these videos, but at least try the Sam Richards one!
End of lecture. Class dismissed!

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  1. i was gona watch coronation street but this was far more interesting. thanks for posting!