7 Mar 2011

My Face

This isn't about Myspace or Facebook, (both seem ridiculous to me), this is about getting a mask made from your own, or someone elses, lovely face. Quite why anyone would want to, I cannot fathom. Maybe if you fancied a life of crime, you could do so under the guise of, say, Winona Ryder. Or maybe you could persue a very dull and unemotional acting career as say, Matt Damon.

I've just been perusing their website, and there are several dubious alterations that are available.. from changing your percieved sex, or indeed race. You can turn yourself into an action hero, you can even turn your shrunken head into a lovely pendant for the wife's necklace. Click HERE to visit their crazy website! Having said all that, you can buy a paper origami version of yourself for a mere $9.99. I'm tempted! I could get one done with a fake smile on it, for work...

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