9 Mar 2011

Let's Paint And Excercise TV!!

Hello my name is Mark and I have an addiction.
There, I've said it. For those who know me well, (yes you Andy!), this won't come as a shock, but, well, oh heck I'm just gonna come out with it... I'm addicted to Let's Paint And Excercise TV.
It is, quite simply... amazing! Pulbic access television at its finest!
Who doesn't want to paint and excercise at the same size?!
This is the first video I started with, it's good to start with the light stuff...

Stick with this people, in the next part he starts taking phone calls from viewers, and not one of them is positive! He has a marvellous spirit, unflinched by the constant stream of abuse on the line!

Yes, you did see the King's acorn there!
And now, for the true junkies out there, the hard-core people, is the full-on shit!
There are lots of these videos to enjoy, with increasingly more complicated activities to keep him occupied. I honestly don't know which to show! There's blending drinks, there's a band on one called Anal Holocaust, there's bloody ping-pong barbeques!! Let's try this one, which I like to call "Something For The Dads"...


  1. I wonder if anyone except me, will sit and watch all those videos. There's an hour of my life I'm not getting back.
    Anyway, apparsntly my blog is up in some horror-blog-with doctor in the title-face off type thing, and people can vote for me here...

    I dont know if you have to be a member to vote, but if not get voting for me.
    Mine could be the best horror (with Dr. in the title) blog on the net. Now there's an award worth having!


  2. Is there a "best blog with Guano in the title" award by any chance?

  3. You're the undisputed winner there, my friend!