10 Jan 2011

Wild Things On The Move!

My favourite picture of the week!

I'd love to know where they are going! Anyone who doesn't get the childhood reference ought to check out this classic story from 1973...

I'm not a total troglodyte, I am fully aware it was a book first. But hey, what shuts the kids up more at dinner-time, a tired old reading from a tired (oldish) daddy, or a fun fun DVD? S'right.
And hey, I've just noticed they've made a new movie version of this tale, only last year! Here's the trailer for it...

Would it be childish for me to watch this movie at the weekend? Good, I'm doing it then!!


  1. I can lend you it, if you like. I wasn't too fussed but my little boy enjoyed it.


  2. Im currently downloading it. -Sorry that should say Im currently buying it from amazon.
    of course!
    thanks anyway!