17 Jan 2011

Take A Walk On The Far Side

It is becoming more and more apparant that hardly anyone remembers the cartoons of Gary Larson. And it becomes more and more annoying because most of the people I work with look exactly like they are lifted directly from one of his comic creations.

I urge everyone to go to Amazon and buy a book of his cartoons, you will not be disappointed, I promise! I've just checked, and they are only a penny each!!
(By the way, if you do, then can you use the "search box" at the bottom of this site. Thanks!)


  1. I've recently passed on all my Far Side Galleries to my son, and yes - he loves them! Ah, the passing of the torch to the next generation.
    I may have to steal them back before long though...

    Much as I applaud your commitment to bringing quality to the masses, don't you (as I certainly do) get a small amount of snobbish pleasure that the herd doesn't 'get' most of the stuff that you do?
    It's almost keeps the good stuff exclusive. Let them have their Peter Kays, and we'll keep our Daniel Kitsons.
    When someone says they hate something that I love, instead of annoying me, it gives me a quiet sense of smugness. Maybe it's just me.


  2. I absolutely agree, but The Far Side is for everyone! don't you remember back in the day it was everywhere, on every greeting card on every mug, and even on t-shirts! bit like Peanuts. okay not really that big but still big! we gotta share some quality! after all i still love Carlsberg and Tommy Cooper! and hey, even Hancock was the nations favourite!

    but theyre not getting their hands on the good stuff at the back of the cabinet!