20 Jan 2011

Radio 4 Appeal

It was only a matter of time before I started talking about Radio 4, (to my mind the U.K.'s finest invention and best institution going),  as I love it so much. Currently there is a TV advert/commercial for one of their shows, The Film Programme, being shown/aired on BBC TV which has little parodies of famous movies...

Can everyone help me name all the movies then?
I will compile a list on this post of all our guesses.
So far, I can see...

James Bond, Blofeld (re. the cat-stroking scene)
Basic Instinct (re. the legs scene)
The Full Monty (re. the pants-off scene)
The Wizard Of Oz (re. the red-shoes scene)

The fellah with the plaster on the back of his head, what the hell is that movie?!
And of course, the music is from one of the best films ever, Withnail & I.
(Google it!)


  1. I thought about leaving it to see if anyone else has a go, but fuck it...
    Stars and Stripes helmet = Easy Rider
    Mohican haircut = Taxi Driver
    Heart sunglasses = Lolita
    Plaster on nose = Chinatown
    Plaster on back of neck = Pulp Fiction
    Love & Hate tattoo = Night of the Hunter
    The only ones I dont know are the fella with the 'tache drinking from the coffee cup, and the woman carrying the melon.


  2. nice work sir. still don't get the plaster reference though! is th e 'tashe meant to be a hitler? maybe that inglorious tarantino movie?
    wouldn't 'alf mind seeing the melon film as well...

  3. Oh I've just realised, it's bloody Dirty Dancing isn't it. A delicious dance!

  4. Ving Rhames, the big bald fella who gets butt-fucked by the rednecks has the plaster on the back of his neck. No-one really knows why. And fortunately, I've never seen Dirty Dancing.