13 Jan 2011

Orson Welles On Cold Reading

Here is the "War Of The Worlds" guy raging war on the "other world"! See what I did there?!
I made a very poor joke, that's what. Anyway, let 'em have it Orson baby...


  1. Quite interesting that. If you're interested in professional sceptics, look up James Randi (I think thats how you spell it). He debunks all sorts of these charlatans, even offering $1M to anyone how can provide proof of the afterlife.

    BTW, 36 followers! Can you believe it?
    I'll let you know when I reach 50.


  2. i love the randi dude! oh yes! check out this clip, the psychic master is hilarious!
    i bet you a penny that you are now looking for a telephone directory to try this on!
    not only that, MY UNCLE is one of the three "experts"!
    i shit you not, Dr Stephen Drake, the mustachioed geek in the middle is my uncle who works for NASA! yes someone in my family is an achiever! hard to believe i know....