25 Jan 2011

It's time I added someone to my list of comedy greats. Today I present... GEORGE CARLIN.
Born in America 1937, this man was doing stand-up since 1960 right up to the year he died in 2008. Not too widely known over here, save for the savvy connisseurs, in the U.S. he was heralded as one of the outspoken mavericks of comedy. Politics, religion, language and taboos were his source, and provided him with his fuel for his freight train of anger, humour and logical rants. In 1978 he was arrested for his routine all about the "Seven Dirty Words", such "was" the retardedness of the government.
This man was, plain and simple, a stand-up comedian of undiluted acerbity for decades. This is my favourite clip, where he outlines the ridiculous notion of religions...

This is bookmarked as essential viewing for my children, once I can edit the swearing out!
Well the oldest is only 4!  Don't really wanna explain what a cock-sucker is yet.
Maybe next year. He does however know the definition of an idiot though, someone who believes in "The Man In The Sky". Much to the annoyance of my local street preacher...

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