30 Jan 2011

The Evolution Of Seinfeld

I'm not giving Jerry Seinfeld his own place in The Comedy Collection wing of The Gallery, but I did want to put him up here generally for people to consider.
Now I'm not knocking him, I think his comedy is lovely stuff, but consider the following two clips. Let's start with his first HBO special, back in 1981...

And now let's check out his appearance on The Letterman Show, in 2010...

It's uncanny isn't it, you wouldn't believe this was the same person, would you. (For the more simple of viewers, that was a bit of the old sarcasm there). How anyone in this day and age can keep the same format and style going, (and winning), for 30 years is beyond me. I could understand it happening back in the old days, but not in modern times, can you? Not sure whether to say "fair play to you" for keeping it up for so long whereas other comics have lost it and churned out countless misguided drivel, (you listening Steve Martin?). Or I don't know whether to berate the guy for "playing safe", not having the gumption to take any risks, or try and evolve his ideas and take it to another level. He hasn't even got the balls to change his hairstyle for crying out loud! I think probably the latter.
If you aint pushing things along, then why bother standing up?
Having said that, it is quite a good gift he's got. What do you guys think?

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