18 Nov 2010

Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Dirty Secrets

Who's waiting to see an old guy with his wand out, getting finished off in an epic climax?
Just about every child in the country, that's who!!

Click here for: Harry Potter And The Gobble Of The Pheonix

Remember though, most people vomit the first time.


  1. Finally you have found a platform to show the world what goes on in that f*cked up head of yours

  2. oh yes guess who's back!! if any tattiness swims your way then swish it over to me and i'll pop it up. that's if it's strange enough!
    believe it or not, im toning down the odd shit, don't want the world knowing the full extent! And we havent even started Twat Of The week yet!!!

  3. P.S. Keep clicking the little ads!!