13 Sep 2011

Bit of an unusual break in The Comedy Collection now, as I insert a tv show!
For those not up on important history, there was once a tv show in the U.K. called Not The Nine O'Clock News. It was a semi-topical sketch show which ran from 1979 to 1982, and launched the careers of a fair few comedy stars, mainly Rowan Atkinson, and Smith & Jones. Initially it was created as a vehicle for Rowan, the then promising newbie from the Oxford revue mould. Point was, it was fantastic, and still quoted as a significant pivotal point in the evolution of comedy. Don't worry, Rowan Atkinson will one day go in The Comedy Collection to stand alone, maybe for me occupying the top slot! Enough of my yakkin', here's a few examples of it's punch...

You've absolutely no idea how many times I've watched these sketches!
I highly recommend you all go hunting on youtube, there's shitloads more to enjoy!!


  1. Single pint... One of my favorites, love the fact they they are still playing darts in the background.

  2. Oh would ya believe it, it went in, but, ooh it's come out again!
    Love it. I could post this shit every day forever!!