30 Jul 2011

Border TV News

Sometimes when I'm rotten drunk, my cloudy memory clears and I get flash-backs. Normally most of them are rather horrific, which is why my mind has blanked them out in the first place. But occasionally, just occasioally, my little brain remembers a nugget of gold! Now when I say the name Robbie Coltrane", most of you will probably just be thinking of Hagrid, or Cracker. But for me, Robbie is one our finest comedy actors this country has produced, first making a huge impact on "The Comic Strip Presents" (click HERE to watch them ALL, maybe U.K. only, sorry!). Aside from many other projects, there was a video of sketches I remember having that used to make me wet myself on a regular basis. And I found one on good old youtube!!!!!!! But hey, enough of my yakkin'!! (I've probably already killed the mood)

 Did we really wear those shirts?!

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